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About Us

The Diversity and First-Gen Office (DGen) was created to respond to concerns about the experiences of first-generation (first-gen) college students, to highlight social class as a part of the diversity equation and to innovate diversity programs in general and with an emphasis on social class in particular.


Stanford University was originally founded as a tuition-free institution and has a history of supporting the education of first-generation and low-income students. The Office of Financial Aid keeps this spirit alive with its generous need-based financial aid packages.

In April 2011, Stanford created the DGen Office to support the campus life of first-generation and low-income students. It uses office initiatives and campus partnerships to promote a supportive academic environment. It also offers leadership in the integration of socioeconomic issues into campus diversity programs.

In the DGen Office, we continuously seek ways to foster a successful and collaborative university setting.


The DGen Office's mission is creating an interconnected Stanford community.

Specifically, the DGen Office builds student capacity and confidence to become interconnected with people from different backgrounds. Our contribution to Stanford’s diversity landscape is to provide campus leadership in addressing life with multiple identities and intergroup relationships that overlap with social class. Within this mission is a special focus on enriching the experience of first-generation college students by supporting their transitions, empowerment and community building.