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FLI Office Closure

We are sorry we can't be with you physically but hope we can connect virtually. The FLI Office is closed due to COVID-19 developments. 

If you would like to contact professional staff feel free to email:

Symone Morales -

Jennifer Rolen -

Adriena Brown -

We will continue having FLI Fridays virtually! Keep an eye out for the zoom link each week.  Stay safe! Sending love to you all!

Welcome to the FLamily!

Research indicates that Stanford students are unique in that their First-Generation and/or Low-Income (FLI) status are not major barriers to their academic success. However, we have documented that many of these students carry additional stressors due to a range of factors from stereotype threat to financial insecurity at home. The work of the Stanford First-Gen and/or Low-Income (FLI) Office has been successful in building a strong community network of undergraduate students, staff and faculty support. From admit to graduation, our students feel a critical sense of belonging and support that allows them to thrive at Stanford and beyond.



Congratulations to Kiara Bacasen!

Karen was awarded a Campus Impact Award, the RSO Leader of the Year Award, due to her outstanding commitment to the FLI community and beyond. 

First-Gen and/or Low Income (FLI)


Our office advocates for FLI students throughout campus in order to give them the quality college experience they deserve. Our campus partnerships allow us to serve our students holistically, with the hopes that our students will become their own advocates and their peers' as well.  

Community & Belonging

Here at the FLI Office we are FLamily! Everyday we work towards creating a space that is safe, welcoming, and that encourages growth!


Check out the many resources that  the FLI community at Stanford has to offer!