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The Opportunity Fund


The Stanford FLI Office Opportunity Fund is designed to financially assist undergraduate students who are experiencing an unexpected financial challenge or who are seeking funds for an opportunity related to their academic, professional, and/or social development. Requests for financial assistance are considered on the basis of what is recognized as a hardship or an opportunity that may not be funded through other means. As such, the FLI Office considers each request holistically. 


What we fund:

  • Travel costs related to a death or illness

  • Citizenship fees or other similar fees with supporting documentation

  • Assistance with laptop repair or replacement in the event of an emergency (one-time during your academic career at Stanford, computer expense form required)

  • Medical/dental expenses that are not covered by the Financial Aid Office

  • Attending conferences/workshops (twice during each students' academic career)

  • Expenses associated with parent/guardian/family attendance at major campus events, with the exception of graduation (one-time)

  •  Expenses associated with preparation for graduate or professional school admissions and preparation

  • Summer Storage

*It should be noted that on a case by case basis we can provide support with resources that a student requires as a part of their accommodations that are outlined by the Office of Accessible Education.

When in doubt, students can always feel free to reach out to the to determine whether we can provide support with their specific circumstances.

What we do not fund:

  • Tuition or fees

  • Health Insurance

  • Study Abroad

  • iPads

  • Expenses which are standard considerations for financial assistance through the Financial Aid Office


 Opportunity Fund Application


Additional Forms:

Summer Storage Agreement 2020

Sublease Agreement 2020 

Computer Expense Form


Due to the high volume of requests that we receive through the Opportunity Fund it can take up to four weeks to receive a response. Please be sure to include all supporting materials with your application to prevent a delay in processing.

For questions or clarification regarding the Opportunity Fund, feel free to email


Check out these helpful resources:

Financial Support for Graduate Students

Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Mind Over Money's Haven Money Tool

Stanford Financial Aid Forms


Flex Term Grant 2020-2021 (Summer Equity Grant)

The Flex Grant will replace the Summer Equity Grant for the 2020-2021 year. Students can use the Flex Term Grant at any time of the year, when they choose to take their Flex Term

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Parent contribution (EFC) must be less than $6,500

  • Can only be used while a student is on a Flex Term and  only available during the 10 week span

  • Student must be working a full-time internship, job, community service (must be working min of 30hrs a week and must be working at least 6/10 weeks of the flex quarter)

  • Living expenses up to $5,000 (this includes food, internet, utilities and rent)

  • Can only be used ONCE during the 2020-2021 school year

  • Must plan to be enrolled at least 2 quarters during the year. (For example, a student may take a fall flex term and enroll in winter and spring)

Examples of expenses covered

  • Supplemental housing/ utility grant

    • Family expense if student is living at home and is responsible for contributing to food, rent, utilities

  • Supplemental food grant

  • Transportation (if needed and with supporting documentation)

  • Wifi accommodations during COVID due to the need to work remotely

Not Covered

  • Family expenses if student is NOT living at home

Additionally, students who receive the flex term grant can still apply to the opportunity fund for other expenses, i.e. computer support, medical and dental expenses, emergency travel, citizenship expenses, etc.


To apply students will need to do the following:

  • Complete and upload the Flex Term Spending Spreadsheet listing all expected expenses and sources of funding

  • Submit documentation of expenses i.e. lease and bills. Students do not need to submit documentation for food expenses. Food costs are calculated based on USDA recommendations for a liberal plan for a male age 19-50. Link to USDA website

  • Acceptance letter for program. Submit documentation of employment that includes length of program, hours worked and income (hourly or lump sum for grant). If unpaid, documentation should indicate such. 

Flex Term Application 


Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) Membership Funding Initiative


The Opportunity Fund is designed to financially assist students who are seeking funds for an opportunity related to their academic, professional and/or social development. Requests for financial assistance are considered on the basis of what is recognized as a hardship or an opportunity that may not be funded through other means. As such, each request is considered separately using Stanford Financial Aid Office Award letters as guidelines. These guidelines define “low-income” as an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and/or an Expected Student Contribution (ESC) of $5000 or under.

For VSO membership fees the Opportunity Fund can only be used to cover the full cost of national dues, not chapter dues. The Opportunity Fund will be cross-referencing membership lists provided by the VSO and the award will be disbursed directly to the organization.  Yearly renewal is required and all applications will be reviewed and granted based on eligiblity.

Voluntary Student Organizations include:

  • Fraternities and Sororities under Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL)

  • Voluntary student organizations under the Student Activities and Leadership Office (SAL)


Apply for assistance with Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) membership dues here

Apply for Assistance with club sports membership dues here


Supporting Documentation

The financial officer and/or the president of the VSO is required to complete the dues verification form and the confidentiality agreement before requests can be processed.

19-20 Dues VerificationFlex Term Spending Budget Form

19-20 President Confidentiality Agreement

18-19 Financial Officer Confidentiality Agreement