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The DGen Office is a campus resource and steward for building student and staff capacity for learning and collaborating accross difference. It offers a series of diversity programs and structured activities to promote skills to build confidence in addressing diversity.  Learn more about our training offerings below. To request a training, please do so via this form: DGEN Training Request Form 

Diversity Training & Workshops

Beyond The Line

Beyond the Line (BTL) is a diversity program brought to Stanford University by Dereca Blackmon, Associate Dean and Director of the Diversity and First Generation Office. It employs a similar format to Crossing the Line but integrates more deliberate dialogue and discussion. BTL’s goal is authentic engagement across difference.BTL explores the intent and impact of participant’s actions, thoughts, and beliefs. The statements included in BTL aim to dig deeper into contentious identity-based topics at Stanford, allowing all participants to make listening an active engagement with others. In giving students the tools to listen and acknowledge their own preconceived assumptions about others, Beyond the Line equips students to interrogate their own experiences and engage new perspectives and ideas.

Engaging Difference

This session will support participants in feeling more comfortable, prepared and willing to engage in conversations about difference. Participants will breakthrough skepticism about the effectiveness and usefulness of diversity and inclusion conversations. Facilitators will stimulate critical thinking about the definitions and meanings attached to key diversity-related terms, particularly: social identity, power, priviliege, intersectionality, and cultural humilty.

Facilitation Skills Workshop

This workshop is designed to prepare participants to facilitate courageous conversations about identity. It is a practice-based class that works from the principles of Stanford’s Office of Diversity and First Generation Education (DGEN). Our hope is to provide you with tools to open up and ground brave spaces in which participants strive to be present, vulnerable, and open. If you are interested in opening up conversations about identity within your community/es or friend group, or you’d like to learn strategies for listening to and holding space for others, this may be for you. Students in this course have often used what they’ve learned to open up conversation series in their residences, ethnic-theme organizations, sports teams, and other communities. Others have incorporated their learning into TAships or life outside of Stanford.

Gender Diversity Workshop

A workshop on gender diversity for Stanford faculty, staff, and students led by the Diversity and First Generation Office’s (DGEN) professional staff and student staff.  The workshop aims to be informative and interactive as DGEN staff will introduce and explain gender terminology, concepts and practices we believe are foundational to beginning a process of fostering a gender inclusive community on campus. Participants will also work through scenarios Stanford Gender Diverse students have experienced on campus.